Troglodyte Disco signed to Select UK Radio

London based DJ Troglodyte Disco has been announced as the newest DJ to Select UK Radio.

Joining the likes of Philgood & Ram, Dolly Rockers, Huck Fin, Plush Da Funk, Dirty Disciples, Joe Bonner, Ross Donworth, Joe Varni, Barry Obzee & Lawrence Friend and many more talented DJ’s, the ATMUCH Music Show starts January 3rd 2017 and repeats every week from 10am to midday.

For more info, click here to listen:

Alternatively, you can download the SelectRadio app from the App Store and listen anytime.

For Shout-outs, mentioned and requests you can tweet @TroglodyteDisco or @selectukradio, or alternatively you can message direct through the App or by texting 07786 20 60 55 starting your message with ‘Select’.

Hope you can join Daniel as he brings a new musical flavour to Select selecting quality Deep House, Tech House, House and Techno. Expect nice grooves and melodic harmonies.



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